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This comprehensive one day course aims to enhance knowledge and awareness of the issues surrounding FGM. The training explores what action needs to be taken if you encounter a child or woman who has had, or is at risk of, FGM.

Who is FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) aimed at?

Anyone working with children and families where FGM may be a risk

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will understand:

  • The difference between FGM, FMG, FC and other related terms within this arena. including the WHO definition.
  • The practice and context of FGM and the consequences of it for victims/survivors. i.e crimes of control, women as property, religious/cultural connotations.
  • The risk factors to look-out for.
  • The emotional, psychological, physical, health implications and changes such procedure creates. i.e. Trauma, UR, Dyspareuria etc
  • The law procedures in relation to FGM i.e. Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003, Serious Crime Act 2000
  • The practice and religious/ cultural issues of FGM
  • Where to go to for more advice and information
  • How to use the 7 point ‘trauma-informed’ support tool to aid service users who come in to contact with that my have experienced FGM.

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