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In the UK one in six people have some level of hearing loss. This means that you are likely to meet people who are D/deaf on a daily basis. This course is aimed at individuals and organisations who want to develop their understanding of D/deaf awareness, gain skills to improve their communication and improve their organisation’s accessibility.

Who is D/deaf Awareness and a brief introduction to British Sign Language aimed at?

This course is aimed at all people working in the private and public sectors. The skills that will be learnt and the knowledge gained will be relevant for people working in organisations where a team member may be D/deaf and also those who may meet deaf people in front line positions.

Course Length

The course is 2.5 hours long but can be adapted to meet your individual requirements / needs.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will:-

  • Have a learned about Deaf history and culture
  • Know how to identify if someone may be D/deaf
  • Know different terms used to describe D/deafness
  • Understand about different communication methods used by D/deaf people
  • Know how to communicate effectively with D/deaf people
  • Have an understanding of the role of technology (communication aids and equipment)
  • Learnt about communication professionals (interpreters) and when to use them
  • Have learnt some basic BSL, and will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to have a basic conversation with a Deaf person


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