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Delegates attending this course are called upon to prepare statements and reports for use in court proceedings involving children and to, potentially, attend court to give oral evidence based upon those reports. The Court Skills for Children's Social Workers Training course will provide the necessary skills to enable delegates to produce concise, accurate and compelling written evidence and give guidance as to how to present that evidence to best effect in the courtroom. The second day of the course enables delegates to practise giving oral evidence in a formal setting and to be cross examined by our experienced barrister-trainer

Who is Court Skills for Children’s Social Workers aimed at?

Social Workers in Children & Family social care (there is a similar course available for Adults Social Workers) and others in this field required to give evidence in Court

Course Length

2 days (may be delivered in one day without the practical skills sessions)

Learning Outcomes

Delegates attending this course will:

  • Understanding of the legal system (including family courts, criminal courts and the youth justice system) the legal process, good practice and the Public Law Outline
  • How to construct a witness statement/report
  • What is expected of the witness at Court
  • What happens at Court
  • How to prepare for and give oral evidence
  • What to expect in cross-examination

At the end of the course, participants should have gained a good working knowledge of how the court system works, together with a firm understanding as to how to create and present written statements and reports in an effective and persuasive way and how to give evidence and cope with being cross examined.

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