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The course, aimed at the Expert Witness, explains the English legal system and how courts deal with cases. The course addresses some commonly held myths about the system. Detailed guidance is given as to the writing and presentation of reports and witness statements, together with a step by step explanation of the process of giving evidence in court. There is extensive analysis of cross examination techniques. The course is conducted in an accessible, informal manner with an emphasis upon delegate participation and interaction throughout. Delegates on the 2-day course participate in practical exercises in a courtroom scenario which are designed not to be intimidating or unrealistic roleplay.

Who is Court Skills and Expert Witness aimed at?

Expert witnesses play a fundamental role within the UK’s judicial system by providing opinion-based evidence to assist the courts in reaching decisions. Examples may be medical experts called to give evidence in civil, criminal and family cases or managers involved in tribunals, arbitrations and professional misconduct hearings. Other professionals, including Engineers, Accountants, Social Workers etc may also be asked to be expert witnesses. Expert witnesses may also be asked to write reports which need to be professionally compiled. This course is suitable for anyone who may be expected to appear as an expert in any court proceedings.

Course Length

1 or 2 days

Learning Outcomes

Participants will have a good working knowledge of the legal system, be able to provide cogent evidence to the court and deal with hostile cross examination.

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