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There are serious and increasing challenges posed by child criminal exploitation and County lines. This County Lines Training will enable participants to gain knowledge, understanding and insight into the impact and significance of child criminal exploitation and county lines with an increased awareness of strategies for intervention and disruption. The “Serious Youth Violence” February 2022 identifies the Government’s priority in “rolling up county lines” The Government Disrupting exploitation document (NWG and Barnardo’s 2019) stresses the importance of professionals and volunteers engaging with children and young people, identifying “reachable moments” or “critical moments” as part of effective early intervention and focusing on promoting positive outcomes.

Who is County Lines aimed at?

Local authority Children’s Services staff, School Staff, Youth Services, Voluntary & Community Organisations

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:-

  • To understand the business model of County lines.
  • To recognise indicators of child criminal exploitation and signs of abuse.
  • To gain knowledge of how children and young people can be vulnerable with regards to exploitation and criminal activities.
  • To understand the importance of language and victim blaming
  • To understand the significance of early intervention and disruption
  • To gain awareness of the barriers to disclosure and critical moments
  • To understand the significance of social media in relation to CSE and abuse
  • To appreciate the importance of recognising, responding, reporting, and referring issues related to child criminal exploitation

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