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Difficult subjects with colleagues and clients is often a daunting prospect for many. People sometimes avoid conflict situations where they need to deliver bad news or where they fear that there will be an adverse reaction to an assertive or critical message. Yet few things are as impressive in business as the ability to discuss difficult issues with honesty, clarity, and integrity and to deal in a fair and objective way with the powerful emotions that inevitably arise. This course aims to provide participants with the skills and confidence they need to develop this vital skill set.

Who is Challenging Conversations & Conflict aimed at?

All staff who have challenging conversations

Course Length

1 Day

Learning Outcomes

By the end fo the course, deleagtes will be able to:-

  • Understand what makes a message difficult or challenging, and why people are often reluctant to deliver it
  • Identify and recognise the barriers to holding difficult conversations
  • Becoming aware of own personal communication style and recognise counter-productive words and body language where emotions are fully engaged
  • Maintain control of the conversation process by mastering the techniques necessary for remaining clear and objective, especially where others are seeking to gain control of the conversation
  • Realigning the conversation and silencing our judgement to understand what the customer’s REAL issue is and how we can help them
  • Identify the stages of conflict and how to de-escalate to remain open to possibilities
  • The role of empathy, the ability to ‘leave your emotions at the door’


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