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This interactive one-day course will enable delegates to develop their knowledge and confidence in working with resistant parents and carers to improve the welfare and outcomes for children and young people. This course will develop skills in identifying disguised compliance, why families are resistant, how to identify and evidence this in assessments and understand what they can do to move things forward.

Who is Challenging conversations and Working with Resistance in families with young people aimed at?

Those who work with children and young people.

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:-

  • Consider what is meant by ‘resistance’ and ‘disguised compliance’ and why parents may ‘resist’ social work interventions
  • Explore strategies and skills for working with different ‘types’ of parental resistance, including passive, aggressive, chaotic and deceitful behaviours
  • Understand the context of risk, resilience, relationships and vulnerability of teenagers
  • Recognise the dynamics of parents/teen/worker relationships (fault lines) and the impact on engagement
  • Recognise the times, places and topics where conversations are more likely to feel difficult
  • Reflect on why specific conversations may feel more difficult than others
  • Apply trauma theory and attachment theory to understand and improve communication skills
  • Explore practice skills and local resources to help

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