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Most people write business documents on a daily basis: emails, reports, meeting summaries, minutes or other business correspondence. Writing creatively and writing for business are two entirely different disciplines. You could be an amazing creative writer while making potentially serious mistakes when it comes to business communication. This 1 day course is a perfect introduction to the skills of articulate business communicators. Attendees will learn how to create business documents in Plain English that say what you mean and achieve the results you want. The course not only covers the basics of how to improve your writing skills but also how to achieve the right result from your written correspondence.

Who is Business Writing Skills aimed at?

Anyone who wishes to improve their writing skills in the workplace

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, particpants will be able to:

  • Write all of the most common types of business documents in Plain English
  • Structure business documents effectively
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Use Plain English – write in a clear, concise style
  • Get your message across convincingly
  • Create impact with written communication skills
  • Match writing style to business objectives
  • Apply grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Ensure key messages are conveyed to best effect
  • Apply benefits in relation to features
  • Write persuasively
  • Give business documents that final polish before they are sent.

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