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This half or full day session, Bouncing back for Managers, has been created specifically to help delegates build their awareness of mental wellbeing and resilience and to increase their skills and confidence in having perceived difficult conversations. It will enable delegates to understand how and why we think, feel and react to stress and to understand and practice mindful responses to increase our resilience. The Resilience Training course will enable candidates to apply Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence techniques to reduce stress in everyday lives. It will also enable candidates to understand others better and communicate to change patterns of behaviour and overcome self-limitations. It is also designed to help benchmark personal resilience levels and leave with new techniques to increase personal resilience enabling delegates to have the difficult conversations with selves as well as others, to know what to say and what not to and to know what to appropriately do with the information gained. The session is designed to be interactive and as such a safe environment to share advice and best practice.

Who is Bouncing Back! How to be Resilient in the Workplace for Managers aimed at?

Supervisors and Managers

Course Length

a half or a full day

Learning Outcomes

  • The domains of resilience Putting into action in the workplace, controlling the work life balance, developing own and team’s mental wellbeing and influencing others mental wellbeing in the workplace
  • Reframing experiences (to move through experiences and not let them own you)
  • Stress and stress management Spotting people’s stress signature and how to confidently manage the reaction to become a managed response
  • Motivation bring attention to the habits of the mind, change beliefs and behaviours, take control of your state and choose which state you want to be in at any time, building motivation in self and the team
  • Mindfulness of Emotion Dealing with difficult emotions and thoughts, developing emotional ‘immunity’, affect and nurture deep states of relaxation and stress reduction

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