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The course will give an overview of the impact of grief and bereavement. Looking at whats “normal” to what the actual “family”/social care workers who are exposed to grief

Who is Bereavement & Loss – coping with the loss of service users aimed at?

Social Care Workers who are exposed to grief

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:-

  • Recognise the impact on yourself when dealing with other peoples emotions around grief and bereavement
  • Be familiar  with understanding grief is unique but understanding the basic concepts of grief and loss
  • Demonstrate the vital skills when communicating sensitively and effectively with bereaved family and understand the impact of delivering difficult news
  • Define Grief and identify risks associated with it
  • Identify support services and the appropriateness of signposting
  • Discuss communication strategies for responding to those grieving
  • Identify and manage reactions which may be compounded when dealing with grief, ie anxiety depression and loneliness
  • Discuss  wellbeing ,mindfulness and self regulation strategies when dealing with vicarious trauma/burnout ( ie meditation, creative writing
  • Reflect on personal practice, but allow for informed choices to be made
  • Identify healing strategies to keep you safe


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