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This 2 day programme has been designed for teams of workers supporting people on the Autism Spectrum with complex support needs. It aims to help participants gain a greater understanding of the Autism Spectrum and the need for team consistency and resilience to support people effectively. In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, the following will be covered: • The key characteristics of the autism spectrum including the DSM IV and DSM V overviews • The emergence of theories of causation as the incidence of Autism either increase or our awareness of its presentation grows • Ways of helping including consideration of capacity, capability and risk management • Person centred responses based on observation and appreciation of the person being supported • The need for team consistency to support the wellbeing of people living with autism • Ways of supporting team resilience through effective team communication

Who is Autism – Advanced aimed at?

Teams of workers supporting people on the Autism Spectrum with complex support needs

Course Length

2 days

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this programme, participants will have

  • gained a greater understanding, insight and appreciation of autism and the uniqueness of each individual’s condition
  • gained strategies to develop effective team approaches to communicating more effectively to ensure consistent and respectful care as well as ways of growing resilience.

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