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This course is an opportunity for foster carers and others working with looked after children to consider attachment and trauma and how this relates to building resilience and supporting development in Children and Young People

Who is Attachment, Separation & Loss aimed at?

Foster Carers and others working with looked after children

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

On conclusion of the course, participants will have:

  • a practical understanding of the basics of attachment theory
  • gained awareness of different types of attachment & behaviours
  • considered internal working models and how experiences shape the child and young person’s view of the world
  • an understanding of the impact of separation and loss on children’s development, self-esteem, identity and behaviour
  • explored what triggers the fight/flight response and subsequent attachment driven responses in children and young people
  • considered how to support the development of resilience, self-esteem and identity in children and young people

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