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Adaptive leadership is a set of tools and strategies you can use as a leader to overcome obstacles and change in an environment that is moving at a fast pace. It is based on the model devised by Ron Heifetz from Harvard University. Adaptive leadership is about observing the business and team and being able to adjust your style to meet the needs of the environment. It is a style that supports a time of change and using methods other than the one size fits all approach. Adaptive leadership helps to negotiate change and demonstrate innovation to cope with change and upheaval.

Who is Adaptive Leadership aimed at?

Leaders who are heading change in difficult circumstances. Teams who are working with an accelerated change process. Organisations who want to bring in adaptive leadership. Leaders who want to flex their styles and try different methods.

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, particpants will understand:

  • What Adaptive Leadership is and its various components.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Adaptive Leadership.
  • How to navigate the business environment during accelerated changes.
  • The use of empathy and emotional intelligence when leading the team,
  • The use of experimentation and encouraging self-reflection in the team and themselves.
  • The importance of fostering a learning environment.
  • How to work with the team to introduce innovations. Testing and feedback.
  • How to use negotiation and develop a win-win strategy.

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