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The aim of the course is to gain knowledge to support people who have an Acquired Brain Injury. It covers both the impact on the individual who has the Acquired Brain Injury and their carers. This course provides the learners with the knowledge to understand the different types of Acquired Brain Injury and the causes as well as looking into some of the conditions associated with ABI such as dysphasia and dysarthria. The learners will also explore the impact of challenging behaviour and know what to do to avoid confrontation with someone who is emotionally agitated.

Who is Acquired Brain Injury aimed at?

This course will be for all staff working in Social Care and Healthcare who require an awareness of Acquired Brain Injury and understanding the impact that it has on individuals

Course Length

1 day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course learners will understand:-

  • What is Acquired Brain Injury?
  • Possible causes of Acquired Brain Injury.
  • Initial effects of Acquired Brain Injury on the individual
  • The long term effects of Acquired Brain Injury to include; physical, functional, cognitive & behavioural
  • What is meant by the term dysphasia?
  • What is meant by the term dysarthria?
  • The communication challenges presented to the individual and self by dysphasia & dysarthria.
  • Skills required to support an individual with specialist communication needs.
  • Changes in personality that an individual may experience as a result of ABI
  • How lack of self-awareness may affect the individual
  • The impact of these changes on those providing support.
  • Behaviours which may be considered challenging
  • What to do to avoid confrontation with someone who is emotionally agitated
  • How challenging behaviour impacts on own feelings and attitudes
  • What support is available to respond to challenging behaviour
  • How to report challenging behaviour.


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