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The aim of the course is to enable Personal Advisers (P.A.’s) to consider how they write files with a view to young people accessing them when they are ready. Accessing information regarding decisions made about them can be traumatic and stressful for young people and can trigger feelings and thoughts that will need to be sensitively managed. During the course, P.A.’s/Social Workers will explore the benefits and consequences that arise from accessing files and also consider their own responsibility in recording keeping and recording in mindful, respectful and honest ways.

Who is Access to Records aimed at?

Personal Advisors/Children’s social work staff

Course Length

1 day or half day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will have:

  • Explored why young people may wish to access their files
  • Be familiar with some of the issues that may arise for young people in reading difficult information about their life experiences
  • Considered their own role in ensuring that recordings in files are appropriate, factual and balanced so that when a young person reads them, they can see positives alongside difficulties
  • Explored how to effectively plan for access records so that the experience is well managed and positive for the young person
  • Be familiar with how accessing files can result in triggering trauma and impact on behavioural responses
  • Know how to support young people who experience stress and difficulty in accepting and coming to terms with the information held regarding them
  • Considered their own skills in delivering bad news and how to use empathy well when assisting a young person in accessing their files

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