County Lines

Course Overview

There are serious and increasing challenges posed by County lines and the criminal exploitation of children. The 2017 National Crime Agency (NCA) report highlighted that 88% of police force returns identified County lines activity, with a conservative estimate of 720 lines operating across England and Wales, the majority originating in London. Children involved in County lines experience particularly high levels of risk to safety and life that differ from other exploitation, e.g. child sexual exploitation and require different approaches.

(County Lines Scoping Report. May 2018 Jo Hudek and St Giles Trust).

 Gang members can give some young people a false sense of belonging, safety and security, fulfilling a gap that exists in their lives. We must, with a strong sense of purpose, clearly commit to ensuring young people’s lives are not wasted, provide positive alternatives and expose the damage that gangs do to gang members and to society. (A Safer City for all Londoners – Police and Crime Plan 2017 – 2121).  This course aims to increase awareness.

How Long is the Course?

1 day

Who is the Course aimed at?

Local authority Children’s Services staff, School Staff, Youth Services, Voluntary & Community Organisations

Course outcomes

By the conclusion of the course, participants will:

– Understand the procedures of County lines and how this works as a Business model.

– Have  gained knowledge of the vulnerabilities of children, young people and adults with regards to exploitation and criminal activities.

-Have identified “exit strategies” in partnership with other agencies and organisations.

-Know how to recognise signs of exploitation and where to report.

-Understand the significance of the Modern-Day Slavery Act (2015).


“Karen is experienced and knowledgeable and delivers a professional presentation” – Streetlife

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