Course Outline

Communication between staff and residents in the care sector is of paramount importance, especially when working with dementia clients or others who have difficulty expressing themselves clearly. Staff need to be assertive, rather than passive or aggressive, and this course allows delegates to learn and practice skills which will enable them to better understand and relate to their clients in ways which will benefit both parties.

The aim of this course is to show delegates the importance of communicating in an an assertive manner with each other and their clients. All too often these days we here about the abuse of vulnerable adults and it is, therefore, essential that those tasked with caring for them should have the skills to be able to explain things assertively rather than passively or aggressively. The course will particularly focus on dementia care and provide underpinning knowledge for an NVQ.

Who is the course aimed at?

Adults working in the care sector in a variety of roles including: carers, nurses, cleaners, cooks, domiciliary carers, managers, supervisors, kitchen assistants and office staff.

How long is the course?

1 day

What will you learn?

– Be able to define the term assertive

– Understand the characteristics of passive, aggressive and assertive communication

– Be able to define your own behaviour

– Understand why we should be assertive

– Know what you want to achieve

– Know how to say “no” nicely

– Listen more effectively

– Understand the barriers to assertiveness

– Be better able to set professional boundaries

– Improve body language, gestures, tone of voice, facial expressions


“I enjoyed the group talks, Informal & relaxed, I really enjoyed talking about things with other people” Domiciliary Carers, Dover


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