Training Courses

Why should you organise an on-site course?

On-site courses are a cost effective and time saving method of ensuring that your staff are kept aware and up to date with the latest research and methodology. As the training usually takes place at your workplace, travel costs and travel time for your staff are avoided and an often forgotten benefit of this type of training is the opportunity for colleagues to meet and network, thus fostering valuable team relationships, leading to better productivity.

What are the benefits for you?

On-site courses are the most cost effective, value for money way of training your staff, always less expensive than cost per person of external seminars;

They are the most time saving method of training your staff effectively
Each course is made to measure for your priorities and objectives;
The course can be – wherever possible – delivered at a time of your choosing
The courses are easily adapted for most work situations whether in the public or private sector or for voluntary organisations.

Why should you use Talking Life?

Talking Life is the leading provider of quality training in the U.K. with a distinguished track record in delivering to some of the best known organisations in the U.K. Our courses are of the highest quality, entertainingly presented by a team of highly experienced and dynamic trainers and are consistently well rated by both delegates and commissioning managers.

What do you need to do next?

Take a look at Talking Life’s wide range of courses.

If you do not see the subject area you are looking for, please contact us; we will be able to help you.


Hello! We are able to offer the vast majority of our courses online in a virtual classroom via your preferred video conferencing platform. All of our course contents have been updated to reflect the current COVID-19 situation. To enquire about any of our courses to be delivered online please go to our ‘Contact Us’ page.