Working with individuals who experience Personality Disorder

Course Outline

People with a deeply ingrained and maladaptive pattern of behaviour of a specified kind, typically apparent by the time of adolescence, causing long-term difficulties in personal relationships or in functioning in society, have a Personality Disorder. Working with people who have a personality disorder requires understanding and a skillset of approaches and strategies that may be used to assess or engage them as an intervention. This course covers the definitions and diagnoses of Personality Disorder, the differences, types, statistics, and the effect this can have on an individual, family and carers. The training also describes the approaches/strategies that staff may use in order to assess/engage or as an intervention.

The second part of the day puts focus on treatment issues and care pathways with the emphasis on correct risk assessment and how to manage risks identified.

Who is the Course aimed at?

This course is suitable for all adult social care staff who work with adults who may experience personality disorder; anyone who works directly with service users with diagnosed or undiagnosed Personality Disorders. In particular it is relevant to Support Workers, Project Managers and others who will benefit from an understanding of Personality Disorders.

How long is the Course?

1 day

What will you learn?

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Define personality disorder

• Critically appraise the label personality disorder and current service provision.

• Describe the effects of stigma and social exclusion on service users and carers

• Discuss theories and research around personality disorder

• Develop crisis intervention skills.

• Describe the effects of supervision on their work

• Produce a plan of change for their work place.

• Discuss relevant change management theories to support their plan.


“Excellent facilitator – full of content” – Activities Organiser, North London


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