Vulnerable Children with Additional Needs


The aim of this course is to ensure all participants are familiar with their roles and responsibilities in vulnerable children with additional needs. This session has been developed to allow participants to
be actively involved in learning and combines taught input and group work tasks to ensure application of learning to own practice.

Course Content

All course material is linked to good practice models and is written in line with working together to safeguarding children and young people. The course content is underpinned by the trainer’s knowledge of the Children Act and subsequent amendments and also by the UN Convention of the Rights of the child. The trainer uses past serious case reviews including Victoria Climbié, Peter Connelly and Daniel Pelka to help participants understand the need for safeguarding and the importance of following policies and procedures. 

The  course  comprises  of  a  range  of  activities  including  a  quiz,  case  study  and  communication  exercises  to  enable  participants  to  consider  a  range  of  safeguarding  points  in  interesting,  engaging  and  interactive ways. 

There  is  a  handbook  and  power  point  presentation  that  are  available  to  participants  to  take  away,  which  ensure  that  they  are  able  to  revisit  key  points  following  completion  of  the  course 

Learning Outcomes
  • Signs/Indicators of harm and abuse
  • Role and responsibilities of professionals working with children with additional needs (including Legal Requirements)
  • Voice of the child – What does safety mean for a child with additional needs
  • Promoting the rights of children and young people with additional needs
  • Understand the needs of siblings and carers.
Course Length

One Day


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