The Mindful Manager During Times of Crisis (Virtual Classroom)

Course Overview

This webinar helps us understand how and why we think, feel and react to stress and to understand and practice mindful responses to stress. Mindfulness will help develop present moment awareness to see life differently, change unhelpful patterns and experience more choice. It will inject moments of stillness into times of disorder, panic, crisis.

The course will enable candidates to apply Mindfulness personally and professionally to reduce stress in everyday lives.

The interactive session enables managers to look at difficult times and challenges, some of which we have no experience of and be able to mindfully choose and action effective plans for self and others.

Who is the Course Aimed At?

Managers at any level

How Long is the Course?

A half day via Skype, Zoom or MS Teams

Learning Outcomes
  • increase mind-body awareness
  • identify and reduce stress at times of crisis
  • gain new coping skills to manage stress and increase problem solving
  • be more responsive and less reactive in the midst of complex and highly charged situations
  • affect and nurture deep states of relaxation and focus
  • increase concentration, focus, and clarity of thought through the daily practice of mindfulness
  • bring attention to the habits of the mind to change them positively for self and others



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