Supervision & Appraisal

Course Outline

As a manager in a health or social care setting, supervision is an important element of your role both as something you offer to your staff and as an important tool for your own professional development and support. Supervision is an essential element of workplace learning and as such, an extremely positive model for practice development. It can also be regarded as surveillance and monitoring giving observable evidence for the performance of teams and individuals. Supervision may identify shortfalls in performance and this may lead to the need for disciplinary action.

Training in Managing Conflict.

This one day programme was devised in partnership with managers in health and social care settings and is suitable for all who have a management role in front line provider services in health and social care. It is delivered by two experienced managers who give a very practical insight with robust theoretical underpinning providing the evidence base for the course material.

Who is the course aimed at?

All Staff in Social Care

How long is the course?

1 day

What will you learn?

– Considered the role and function of supervision in health and social care

– Identified from your own practice experiences where you have benefited from supervision and what made it so effective. We will also examine from practice where supervision may have been a less positive experience in order to understand why this was the case.

– Discussed the importance of developing critical self appraisal

– Explored methods and models of supervision: preparation, aims and objectives and negotiating outcomes

– Considered the development of emotionally intelligent practice in supervision: applying theory.

– Examined the relationship in supervision: when to work collaboratively and when a more directed approach may be necessary

– Considered how to approach shortfalls in performance and adopting a more authoritative approach.

– Examination of the disciplinary process and the role of supervision if establishing the seriousness of misconduct, the significance of events and in identifying mitigating circumstances

– Explored the evidencing of misconduct and the interface with other policies and procedures.


“An excellent day; delivery of training first class”


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