Suicide First Aid – Understanding Suicide Intervention (SFAUSI) (accredited)


The Suicide First Aid course gives delegates the knowledge and tools to understand that suicide is one of the most preventable deaths and some basic skills can help someone with thoughts of suicide stay safe from their thoughts and stay alive.

SFA USI is comprised of 4 parts, each 90 minutes duration. The programme teaches and practices the skills and knowledge needed to identify someone who may be thinking about suicide and competently intervene to help create suicide-safety as a first aid approach.

The course will enable delegates to build the skills and confidence around suicide, how to support someone who may have suicidal thoughts in seeking the appropriate help.

SFA: Suicide First Aid training is underpinned by three core beliefs:

  • Most people thinking about suicide do not want their lives to end, they want the pain to stop.
  • Most people thinking about suicide let others know, consciously or unconsciously. Therefore…
  • Suicide has to be one of the most preventable deaths.

We limit numbers to 16 people per course so that the instructor can keep people safe and supported while they learn.

No previous experience or training is necessary. Participants will be asked to self- reflect and empathise with a person having thoughts of suicide. There is no expectation on participants to share personal experiences.

How Long is the Course?

1 Day

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Anyone who wants to learn about suicide first aid – there is no previous experience or training necessary

Learning Outcomes

Part 1:

  • Introduction to the day; programme; ourselves and suicide prevention
  • Stigma, Survivors of bereavement by suicide and the Hidden Toll
  • Suicide thoughts and suicide behaviour
  • Intention of behaviour Versus Outcome of behaviour
  • Possible Causes of Suicide thoughts

Part 2:

  • Suicide – the Ripple Effect
  • Population-based approach to suicide prevention
  • Partnership working
  • Working with attitudes and values

“I’m Really Glad You Told Me “Audio visual

Part 3:

  • Meeting the needs of a person  ‘letting you know’
  • Suicide-Safety Guide
  • Step 1 – Recognising suicide and Asking about suicide
  • Step 2 – Understanding options

Part 4:

  • Step 3 – Safeguarding suicide
  • Suicide-safety and self-care
  • The risk assessment approach
  • Future learning




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