Introduction to Substance Misuse (includes New Psychoactive Substances)

Course Overview

This course will equip individuals working with people experiencing drug misuse issues, with an increased knowledge of current trends of drug and alcohol use and the most commonly used drugs and their physical and psychological effects. There will be a significant focus on New Psychoactive Substances, formerly known as Legal Highs, in terms of their effects, legality etc.

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is aimed at all Health and Social Care professionals as well as those who work in Education. The course would also be of interest to those wanting to know more about substance misuse in the workplace environment or similar or in a voluntary or community setting.

How long is the course?

1 day

What will you learn?

On conclusion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the nature and chemical composition of New Psycho Active Substances
  • Understand the nature and effect of other commonly used substances
  • Understand the impact of using NPS in combination with other substances including Alcohol
  • Understand and discuss Concepts of Addiction and Dependence
  • Understand common treatments and recoveryt

“The course was brilliant, very down to earth & put in simple, understandable terms”

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