Sibling Assessments


This course enables practitioners to understanding the dynamics of sibling groups with specific issues or complex histories.  The course explores the impact of both placing children together and separating them.  A range of theories will enable practitioners to consider short medium and long term issues for placement of siblings.  Alongside this practitioners will be supported to consider the impact of trauma on children and young people and how this may be triggered in sibling relationships even long after they have been removed. Practitioners will consider the impact across the whole of a child’s development of remain or separating from siblings.

Who is the course aimed at?

Anyone who works in Children’s Social Care setting

How long is the Course?

One day

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the day participants will have:

  •     Understood the legislative framework and statutory responsibilities as they apply to planning for sibling placement
  •     Considered key messages from research to inform practice in relation to the assessment and placement of siblings and planning for permanency
  •     Explored and applied concepts and assessment tools that assist in assessing siblings’ needs and inform the decision making process of whether they should be placed together or apart
  •     Planned how to conduct evidence based, analytic sibling assessments that meet children’s needs, to include issues of contact, permanency planning and maintaining family relationship
  •     Listened to the views of children concerning contact with their brothers and sisters

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