Sexuality & Personal Relationships

Course Outline

This course will assist delegates in Defining Human Sexuality, looking at perceptions and issues, identifying porential barriers and an understanding of Legal Issues, Policies, Procedures, Roles, Responsibilities, Sexual Health and Education.

Who is the course aimed at?

This training course is designed specifically for workers in the health and social care sectors.

How long is the course?

Half day

What will you learn?

– Define what is meant by the term human sexuality.

– Define what can influence perception of sexuality.

– Describe the issues surrounding sexuality in Learning disabilities.

– Describe some of the potential barriers people with learning disabilities face when expressing sexuality.

– Describe key legislation and government guidelines relating to issues of sexuality.

– Describe the role of policies and procedures that can protect staff members and the people we support.

– Describe the staff member’s roles and responsibilities relating to sexuality support.

– Define what is meant by sexual health and education.

– Describe ways whereby information can be passed on to the person supported in an appropriate manner.

– Know where to seek further information and resources.


“Great trainer – informative and clear. He used humour to keep our attention!” – Support Worker, London


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