Self Neglect & the Mental Capacity Act


Self-neglect is a failure of someone to take care of him or her self that can cause serious physical, mental or emotional harm but it is not always easy for professionals to spot. Proper assessments are important and any actions taken need to be within the Mental Capacity Act, 2005.

Target Audience

Anyone working in adult social care

Course duration

1 day

Course Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will understand:

What constitutes Self Neglect

What the signs are of someone who may be at risk of self-neglect?

Legal responsibility in relation to Self-neglect.

Relevant legislation associated with self-neglect.

How to develop a strategy for best practice, including barriers to good practice.

What positive engagement is to support best practice.

Practical tasks required to complete a holistic assessment.

The importance of a Multi -agency approach

Self-awareness and how their own values beliefs and standards can impact on someone,

Who may be Self-Neglecting

The underlying causes associated with Self Neglect and developing a working hypothesis.

How to build a rapport with individuals who self-neglect.

The assessment process.

The importance of active listening.

How to develop motivation, and Change.

How to assess Self-Neglect

The general characteristics of Self-Neglect.

What people who Self harm have found helpful.

The outcomes of serious safeguarding reviews.

The Mental Capacity Act 2005

Good evidence-based decision making did you act reasonably?

Application of the MCA 2005 focussing on empowerment and the  right to choose and unwise

Decision making

Responsibility and accountability, the importance of professional curiosity

Understanding Executive Capacity

The interface between the MCA 2005, the Care act 2014 and the Human rights Act 1998.

The key learning points of the House of lords post legislative scrutiny of the MCA.



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