Safeguarding Adults – Domestic Abuse


The purpose of this training is to develop awareness and understanding of Domestic Abuse and to support all workers dealing with domestic abuse issues in their daily work.

How Long is the Course?

1 Day

Who is the Course Aimed at?

All those working in Adult Social Care

Learning Outcomes

  • Improved use of evidenced based decision making, understanding the risk factors where DA is a feature and avoiding over reliance on third party information.
  • Understanding the relational dynamic where there is DA. Dispelling myths around ‘choice’ and considering the role of coercive control. Understanding why people remain in abusive relationships.
  • Develop professional curiosity. Learning to be more curious, less certain.
  • Improving confidence in reporting incidents and understanding how to escalate concerns when thresholds have been passed
  • Understanding crisis intervention where this is related to DA and how to manage these situations.
  • Improved working with other professionals, such as OT, CJS and MARAC where there are concerns around DA
  • Understand how to use the Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) toolkit.

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