Safeguarding Adults – Cultural Religious Beliefs


This session is designed for those who work in a health and social care environment.  It is designed to provide the essential knowledge and understanding of responsibilities to staff at all levels with regards to Safeguarding.  This course focuses on navigating, sometimes delicate subjects such as religion, cultural differences and beliefs, sexual relationship and Mental Capacity as it relates to them in a context of Safeguarding.

How Long is the Course?

One Day

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Those who work in a health and social care environment

Learning Outcomes

The course covers:

  1. Who is a Vulnerable Adult?
  2. What is Abuse?
  3. What is Learning Disability
  4. What is meant by Safeguarding?
  5. Legislation around Safeguarding
  6. Policies and Procedures
  7. Types of Abuse
  8. The importance of Mental Capacity beyond day to day decisions
  9. Cultural beliefs and Safeguarding
  10. Religious Practices and Safeguarding
  11. Radicalisation
  12. Does sexuality always lead to abuse for an individual with Learning Disability?
  13. Myths vs Reality vs Duty of Care
  14. Supporting individuals whilst maintaining boundaries
  15. Prevention of Abuse
  16. Recording
  17. Confidentiality
  18. External resources and agencies

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