Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIPA)

Course Outline

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, 2000 (including The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, Scotland) stipulates the manner and circumstances when public authorities are entitled by law to ignore the Human Rights of an individual or group, and carry out covert activity in respect of the actions of the individual / group.

Authorisations are in writing and signed by the appropriate Authorising officer. The applicant will be a member of the same organisation and the authorisation will be granted on an intelligence based application.

The activity is governed by the Office of Surveillance Commissioners who are appointed by central government and will inspect the organisation on an annual or bi-annual basis.

It is expected that both the Authorising officers and operatives will have received training in respect of this covert activity. This will include mobile and foot surveillance, informant handling and undercover deployments and also “mystery shopper deployments” favoured by many organisations.

This Talking Life training is for Authorising Officers and Operatives separately, followed by a joint day of practical exercises working as a team.

Who is the Course aimed at?

Authorising Officers and Operatives in any public authority that by law has the legal right to use RIPA (or RIPSA in Scotland)

How long is the Course?

2 days. Authorising Officers & Operatives have separate 1 day training, followed by a third, joint day where practical exercises and role play take place, allowing everyone to work as a team

What will you learn?

At the end of the course, students will have the skills and knowledge to submit a RIPA (or RIPSA) application, the Authorising Officers will have the knowledge required to grant or refuse the application and in a manner that will protect the interest of the organisation and complying with current legislation.

Operatives willl have the skills required to carry out basic surveillance, have an awareness of cover dress skills, cover stories and use of props and if required, interview techniques


“Really good couple of days, the relaxed and informative style of the facilitators ensured that we got the maximum out of the time spent with them. A lot of knowledge there to be taken advantage of!” – Authorizing Officer, Scottish Government


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