Recruitment & Selection – Legal Essentials


This half day session is taken from a full day practical skills course that is primarily designed around equipping line managers who are actively involved in recruiting and selecting employees with the knowledge and skills to hire employees in line with UK employment law.  In addition, the full day course takes a deeper dive into issues of conscious and unconscious bias in hiring managers that can impact the selection process and put a business at risk from claims of direct and indirect discrimination under the equality act.


On completion of the half day workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of the Equality Act, how it is enforced and when it does not apply.
  • Describe the key sources of employment law relating to all aspects of discrimination and how they impact upon recruitment and selection processes.
  • Identify through a series of common scenarios, best practice for dealing with the 9 protected characteristics of the Equality Act.
  • Understand how conscious and unconscious bias can impact equality and diversity when making hiring decisions.

To download a detailed copy of the course outline please click here.


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