Project Management

Course Overview

In this intensive Project Management course, you will learn best practice for Project Management, including scheduling, reporting and budgeting and all the areas you need to consider before taking on a project. The different methodologies such as PRINCE2, PMI and Agile are included

Target Audience

Ideal for members of staff in the organisation who are working towards Project Management or who will be supporting the PM process. Ideally this would fit in with Team Leaders, Managers and Supervisors

How long is the Course?

Usually run as a 2 day course but in some circumstances can be run as an intensive 1 day course.

Course Outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Identify what is meant by stakeholder management, who they are and what methods are required to support their requirements.

• Develop project management schedules to identify you need to do, who you need in the team and develop clear deadlines and cover costs.

• Examine the scope of a project and manage methods to help you remain on plan.

• Identify the documents used in project management including Project Plans, Gantt Charts, Work Breakdown Structures and Project Implementation Plans.

• Develop leadership and management methods to set performance targets and communicate effectively with your team.

• Identify the need for efficient budget handling including cost management, forecasting, and demonstrating earned value to the project.

• Identify risks to the project and use quality assurance methods to monitor the performance of the project.


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