Pre-Birth Assessments


The aim of this training is to introduce learners to using Calder’s pre-birth risk assessment tool and understand what is involved in undertaking robust assessments and planning

Who is the Course Aimed?

Children’s Social Care Staff

How Long is the Course?

2 days

Learning Outcomes

Day 1

  • Aims and purpose of pre-birth risk assessments
  • Understanding of personal and ethical considerations
  • Working in partnership when undertaking a pre-birth risk assessment
  • Examining multi-agency tasks and roles
  • Looking at the complex risk assessment and analysis issues
  • Look at parenting styles
  • Parenting capacity engaging parents in planning and assessing capacity
  • Motivation
  • Fears and anxieties of parents
  • Parents understanding of expected baby’s needs and ability to meet them
  • Good practice in working with parents
  • Concealed pregnancy
  • Worker client relationship
  • What to consider/cover in assessment
  • Professional challenges
  • Multi- disciplinary framework to guide assessment (Calders work)
  • Skills required, what is there to assist etc
  • Decision-making
  • Legal context
  • Planning and future plans

Day 2

  • Understanding additional complexities in relation to parenting when young
  • Reflections and questions from day one
  • Focus on young parents and pre-birth risk assessments
  • Understanding adolescent development in context of own needs and impact on expected baby’s needs
  • Adolescents are not yet adults – brain functioning, risk taking, issues with empathy etc.
  • Principle risks for baby’s
  • Balancing needs of a young person and those of the expected baby
  • Areas to assess
  • Understanding change processes and potential responses to change efforts
  • Assessing engagement, motivation for problem solving
  • Mental health concerns and young people
  • Hidden harm issues
  • Drugs and alcohol , young people and impact on expected baby
  • Key assessment principles

This course is modelled on Martin Calder’s CATAC Model of Pre-birth Assessments. We have permission to deliver this training however a license fee has to be paid directly to Martin Calder when booking this course



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