Personal Stress Awareness

Course Outline

This training will provide delegates with an overview of personal stress awareness by:

– defining Stress

– how and why our bodies react to stress

– identifying Stress Indicators

– the relationship between performance and stress

– factors that affect personal susceptibility (including personality characteristics, attitudes, lifestyle, social support, the role of self-esteem, change, levels of fitness and others)

– differentiating between internal and external sources of stress

– examining the work-life balance issue and considering ways to introduce more balance into one’s life

– setting goals to action for change

Who is the course aimed at?

Customer Support teams

How long is the course?

1 day

What will you learn?

– Recognise the early warning signs of stress (physical, mental, behavioural and emotional)

– Be more aware of the particular stressors that trigger their stress response

– Understand the factors that increase personal susceptibility to stress

– Identify techniques that will be personally effective in managing stress levels


“Great course, it was presented clearly and concisely”


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