PACE (Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984)

Course Outline

The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 – PACE – is an Act of Parliament, which instituted a legislative framework for the powers of police officers in England and Wales to combat crime, as well as providing codes of practice for the exercise of those powers. There are equivalent powers in force in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

However PACE is applicable not only to police officers, but to anyone with conduct of a criminal investigation including many frontline staff today working in the public sector. Any person with a duty of investigating criminal offences or charging offenders is also required to follow the provisions of the PACE codes of practice as far as practical and relevant.

Talking Life is able to design and deliver a range of training about PACE. Our expert trainers will usually work with you to find out your specific requirements and deliver training to your specifications.

How long is the Course?

3 – 4 days dependant upon numbers

How is the Course aimed at?

Anyone involved in conducting interviews with suspects including social workers

What will you learn?

A number of different options are available and our expert training team will consult with you to find your exact requirements. However after a typical 1 day training course participants will understand:

  • Relevant legislation under the Police & Criminal Evidence Act (PACE)
  • The investigative process
  • Search techniques & considerations
  • How to interview suspects

“Absolutely fantastic course presented so well – Social Care, Northamptonshire


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