Ordinary Residence


To develop or refresh knowledge of the law around Ordinary Residence and its role in establishing local authority responsibility for an individual’s social care needs

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Anyone working in adult social care

How Long is the Course?

1/2 day

Learning Outcomes
  • To know where to find the main legislation and guidance relating to Ordinary Residence
  • To refresh and update knowledge in the light of relevant case law and determinations by the Secretary of State
  • To understand a council’s responsibilities towards those Ordinarily Resident in their area and what duties OR does and does not affect
  • To understand how Ordinary Residence can be determined in straightforward situations and the council’s responsibilities where an adult has no settled residence
  • To understand the importance and implications of Mental Capacity in relation to Ordinary Residence
  • To develop understanding of how to identify a person’s Ordinary Residence in accordance with the law in a range of more complex situations (including deemed OR and s117 MHA)
  • To be able to apply knowledge of OR in a range of everyday situations To know what to do when Ordinary Residence is in dispute with another council

To download a copy of the course outline please click here


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