Motivational Interviewing – Positive Conversations

Course Overview

Having positive conversations with clients is increasingly seen as the best way to secure good outcomes in Children & Families social care situations. The aim of this accredited course is to introduce participants to Motivational Interviewing – which focuses on positivity – and its use in work with children and families. The course offers opportunities to develop a range of skills and techniques for enabling, supporting and evidencing change in family work where safeguarding is an issue. The delivery allows for participants to explore their own skills and strengths and offers.

How long is the Course?

2 days – this course is CPD accredited. It can only be run as a 1 day course (however this is not accredited)

Who is the Course aimed at?

Social Workers & others working in Children & Families Social Care. Maximum of 15 per course

Course Outcomes

By the end of the two day course, participants will:

• Have knowledge and basic awareness of the use of motivational interviewing in practice terms
• Be familiar with skills and tools for use with individuals and families
• Be able to articulate and understand the Cycle of Change
• Have knowledge of theoretical underpinnings of Motivational Interviewing and behaviour change
• Be able to reflect on current consulting/ conversational practice
• Be able to apply principles of behaviour change in practice- working with resistance and ambivalence
• Be able to hold a “motivational conversation”
• Be able to confidently identify when best to utilise motivational interviewing in practice to ensure that children and adults outcomes improve and they remain safe

To download a copy of the course outline please click here.


“The trainer was highly knowledgeable and able to respond to the variety of attendees that were at this training. I would say that this is one of the most interesting, engaging and useful training sessions I have attended in
the last year.” – Family Support Worker, Kirklees


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