Managing Behaviour (advanced)


The two day programme focuses on developing strategies for positive behaviour management in Children’s SC, Foster and residential Care, defusing and de-escalating difficult and potentially dangerous situations. It includes training in effective re-direction and disengagement (breakaway) techniques, but not physical restraints.

How Long is the Course?

2 Days

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Staff in Children’s Social Care, Foster Care and Residential Homes

Learning Outcomes

This programme incorporates nine modules:

Module 1 – Principles of Conflict To encourage participants to examine their perceptions regarding conflict.

Module 2 – Risk assessment To understand the difference between risk assessment and risk management. That conflict, like any other hazard in the workplace, should be accurately assessed before appropriate precautions are put in place.

Module 3 – Proactive working To focus attention on the fundamentals of good practice in relation to challenging behaviour. To shift emphasis away from the client, ensuring that staff approach their practice with clarity.

Module 4 – Attitudes To examine the link between the attitudes of people at all levels in organisations, the effectiveness and style of their practice. Models of behaviour in relation to conflict will be compared.

Module 5 – Health and Safety To ensure that participants are clear about rights and obligations under current legislation and the relevance to everyday practice. How dangers, hazards and risks cover a wide spectrum. That participants develop suitable precautions to risks experienced in the course of their duties.

Module 6 – Verbal Responses To enhance skills and ability to defuse confrontation using verbal responses. Approaches and strategies to suit relevant situations. Non-verbal skills will also be considered.

Module 7 – Agreed responses To understand that the majority of challenging behaviour is predictable. To learn to develop and consistently use plans to safely and effectively respond to conflict.

Module 8 – Prevention and Awareness To understand that when there is potential for violence, awareness is crucial. Environmental awareness, awareness of others and most importantly self-awareness.

Module 9 – Staff Care To give realistic methods of providing an environment that is caring toward the work force, as well as service users, that are simple to implement.


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