Managing Adolescence


The aim of this course is for delegates to learn how Looked after Teenagers change as they grow older and how these changes impact their behaviour.  They will learn skills to apply this understanding to their day to day care.

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Anyone who works with Looked after Teenagers

How Long is the Course?

One Day

Learning Outcomes 
  • Define and describe the changes in the adolescent brain and how this impacts on teenage behaviour and describe the implications for Looked After teenagers
  • Understand how these changes impact on the young person’s daily functioning and behaviour, with a particular understanding of the added issues that may be in place for Looked After teenagers
  • Be able to apply this understanding to the day to day care of Looked After teenagers, and begin to develop responses to behaviour
  • Be able to analyse how changing responses and behaviour management techniques will impact on the young person

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