Managing Absence


This session is designed to help line managers identify strategies and approaches to managing all types of absence from the workplace as well as providing background on the employment law basics. Using current research on absence rates in the UK, learners will understand the key absence trends in the UK and be able to benchmark their own organisation against them. Learners will learn how to manage short term and long term absences effectively and understand that they are managed differently. The session will look at managing cases of stress and anxiety as the fastest rising cause of absence from the workplace. The session will give the learner the opportunity to work through real life case studies in a safe environment as well as understand why employers often mismanage absence cases. This will help all learners take the right steps back in the workplace to manage and reduce absence in the workplace.


On completion of managing absence, learners will be able to:

• Manage all absence cases (short and long terms) in line with best practice and employment law
• Understand their responsibilities under the law to ensure all cases are handled fairly.
• Manage cases related to pregnancy, disability, time off to care for dependents.
• Manage cases of stress and anxiety that are both work and non-work related.

This course can be run as a single half-day session of 4 hours or run together as a full day session with any of the other HR topics. For more information or to download a printable leaflet click here


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