KSS Overarching Session


A one day online session for children’s services staff on the impact on children of:

Knowledge and Skills Statement 4: 

Adult Mental ill health, substance misuse, domestic abuse, physical ill health and disability

Knowledge and Skills Statement 5:

Abuse and Neglect of children

How Long is the Course

1 day

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Children’s Services Staff

Learning Outcomes 


  • Understand the impact of the ‘toxic trio’ and parental physical ill health and disability on children, including young carers
  • Understand the skills required in identifying adult behaviours that pose or could pose a risk to children through assessment and interrogation of information
  • Understand the skills required in signposting and making appropriate referrals to other agencies and in co-ordinating multi -disciplinary responses to improve outcomes
  • Understand the importance of attachment in assessing the impact of substance misuse, mental ill health and domestic violence on children’s development

 KSS 5

  • Understand the skills involved in protecting families where there are both adult and child safeguarding concerns
  • Understand the different categories of child abuse including neglect and understand the possible indicators of a child being abused or in danger of being abused over the short and long term
  • Understand and recognise the main indicators of CSE, genital mutilation, enforced marriage and also signs of sexual abuse by children
  • Understand the referral pathway and response timelines for children being abused or at risk of being abused

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