Influencing Skills

Course Outline

This course aims to provide those who negotiate regularly as part of their role, with a broader range of skills and techniques to draw upon.

Delegates will be given the skills to;

-Â Â identify individual influencing styles and understand other styles which can be adopted

-Â build, generating and maintaining rapport

-Â make use of verbal and body language to influence others on a subconscious level

-Â make use of environmental factors

-Â the benefits of setting clear goals

-Â handling conflict constructively

-Â understanding the psychology of influencing

-Â distinguish between emotion and logic when influencing

-Â use new skills and techniques confidently

Who is the course aimed at?


For all staff who already do a significant amount of negotiating as part of their role, and wish to further their skills

How long is the course?

1 day

What will you learn?

-Â Demonstrate a range of influencing techniques

-Â Set clear goals and outcomes

-Â Identify your power base and explore how to expand it

-Â Describe questioning techniques that can be used to influence

-Â Demonstrate how to manage difficult questions, objections and situstions

-Â Discuss the ?inner game? and how to use it in influencing

-Â Describe the psychology behind influencing

-Â Demonstrate how to resist influencing attempts by others

– Show assertive communication techniques


“Thoroughly enjoyed this session; trainer excellent”


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