Holding Difficult Conversations


There are a range of different difficult conversations we may encounter with our team, colleagues, customers and peers. In this session we will be focussing on a range of specific situations and looking at ways in which we can apply practical techniques to create positive outcomes.

Who is the course Aimed at?

All staff

How Long is the Course?

1 Day

Learning Outcomes

Following this session participants will be able to:

– Undertake discussions around a person’s performance, addressing issues at an early stage before things develop

– Become more assertive, saying no and being clearer about what other people can reasonably expect from us

– Positively challenge ideas and proposals, presenting our thoughts and identifying areas of agreement and differences in our approaches

– Prepare ourselves more effectively for difficult conversations, managing our emotional state to ensure that we respond rather than react

– Develop a plan for approaching potentially difficult conversations, creating a roadmap for the interaction

– Managing the emotions of the person we are communicating with, managing emotional outbursts or situations where people withdraw.


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