Gangs, Early Help & Systemic Youth Violence in Adult Social Care


This training explores the national epidemic of serious youth violence, gangs, criminal exploitation & the important role of Early Help for the Children and Family system. The definition of ‘young people’ aged between 13-25

How Long is the Course?

1 day

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Staff in Adult Social Care

Course outcomes 

By the end of the course, participants will:-

  • Understand the drivers and reasons for the increase in young people involved in Gangs, Youth Violence and County Lines
  • Understand the role of Early Help for the Children & Family System
  • Understand the impact of relation-based practice as it relates to young people involved in Gang culture
  • Understand the need for a “community centred ‘Public Health” response to violence
  • Understand the Minus Violence practice framework
  • Explore the increase in adolescent to Parent/Carer violence
  • Be able to identify positive values and also obstacles in terms of engaging and effective practice with youth violence
  • Strengthen practical tools and signposting mechanisms for interventions

Programme Outline 

  • Introductions
  • Aims and objectives
  • Exploring values
  • Exploring the Challenges
  • Current debates, thinking and responses to Youth violence, Gangs, County Lines
  • Exploring Gang Culture in detail (peer pressure, youth culture, reputations, street egos etc)
  • The Consequences (stages of gang involvement, exploitation, grooming, police forensic responses, retaliations, revenge and street responses, sentencing, prison)
  • Identifying & Exploring the consequences of Gang Culture
  • County Lines
  • Exploring a range of effective interventions
  • Practical
  • Consolidation

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