Parent & Child Placements


To support Foster Carers’ understanding of the context around Parent and Child foster placements, the requirements of the role and prepare them for the experience of supporting parents and children in their home.

The course will explore the concept of “good enough parenting”, the importance of evidence-based recordings and the emotional and practical impact on those involved.

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Foster Carers

How Long is the Course?

1 day course (shortened to fit in with foster carers availability)

Learning Outcomes

Setting the scene: the legal and social context.

    • Why use parent and child placements?
    • Legal framework & the purpose of the court process
    • Roles of the professionals

What is “good enough” parenting?

  • Exploration of personal and professional values through case studies.

The importance of observations and recording.

    • How recordings are used.
    • The difference between evidence and opinion; the role of both.
    • Sharing records with parents.

Understanding and managing the practical and emotional impact on those involved.

    • Parents, foster carers and young people.
    • Sources of support; self care and using supervision.

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