Family Liaison

Course Outline

“At the very worst moment in their lives the very least that we, as an organisation, should have done was our very best.”

We’ve all seen the headlines:

“Computer company employee kidnapped during overseas deployment.” “Passenger goes missing from cruise liner – suspected of falling overboard.” “British coach crash in Belgium leaves UK families seeking answers.”

With the media regularly reporting tragic events both in the UK and overseas and with more and more private sector companies having employees working in difficult environments across the world the question, “What will we do if it happens to us?” is becoming more valid. Equally, many ‘service delivery’ companies have members of the public as customers and clients. What will your organisation do if the worst occurs? Are you prepared?

Offering ‘support’ is one thing, but experience shows that not all families who are unwillingly (and unexpectedly) wrapped up in these sorts of events want support from your organisation – they want answers. Identifying (and then managing) their needs and expectations is crucial both to the family members left behind as well as your organisation’s reputation. This course will help you be better aware and better prepared … to do your very best.

Who is the course aimed at?

Existing and intended Family Liaison Managers / Co-ordinators

How long is the course?

1 day

What will you learn?

– to identify the strategic needs of your Organisation following a sudden and unexpected tragic event

– to identify and manage the needs, concerns and expectations of a family following such an event

– Recognise the crucial contribution that an Exit Strategy makes for an Organisation deploying Staff to a family

– prepare your Organisation’s selected Staff to work alongside other family Liaison Officers (such as those deployed by, amongst others, the Police, Fire Service, Armed services and Local Authorities)


“Content of course and presentation was fantastic!” – Family Liaison Manager, Midlands


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