End of Life Care – Advance Care Planning (Dementia)

Course Outline

The key purpose of this course is to improve the quality and capacity of end of life care provision for those people who have dementia in care homes and so to improve quality of care for those reaching the end of their lives. It is expected that this course will positively influence learners? practice and enhance the care they provide to all residents in their place of work. The ultimate aim is to reduce the number of inappropriate admissions to hospital at the end of life for care home residents. It is supported by the Skills for Care knowledge set for end of life care (Skills for Care 2010)

Who is the course aimed at?

All nursing and care staff including managers.

How long is the course?

1 day

Course Outcomes

On completion of the course, participants will:

– understand how to determine when End of life Care starts

– understand the nature of holistic assessment and regular review, individuals and /or their family and friends, need to be at the centre of and enabled to contribute to the assessment

– understand a range of different assessment tools and ways of Gathering Information

– understand the common physical distressing symptoms that can occur at End of life and how these might be managed

– understand What the potential End of life crises might be and how to manage these

– understand What Communication entails and the importance of communicating and reporting and recording effectively

– understand the need for positive and effective Communication and Information in End of life case and What can promote and hinder this

– understand some of the Communication difficulties that people with dementia have

– be aware of the boundaries of their role and their responsibilities and how to communicate this to others

– understand the process of advance Care Planning and trigger points

– understand how to prevent a ?bad death? and facilitate a ?good?death

– know how to prepare for and deliver Care after death – understand the key elements of the processes of grief, loss and bereavement and What support may be needed


“Great course, it was presented clearly and concisely” (Nurse, Hertfordshire)


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