Drug and Alcohol Awareness (Hertfordshire CC)

Learning Outcomes
  • Recognise the most commonly used legal and illegal substances, including New Psychoactive Substances formerly known as legal highs
  • Understand the law as it relates to substance use
  • Understand the nature and patterns of drug use
  • Understand the main harms of alcohol and drug misuse
  • Understand the reasons why people may use drugs or alcohol problematically
  • Understand the main treatment modalities
  • Understand the nature of local services

09:30 – Arrival and Welcome

09:45 – Ice breaker – How many of these can you name?

10:45 – Classification and Patterns of Drug Use

11:15 –Comfort Break

11:30 – Drug Use or Misuse? Main Harms including Dual Diagnosis

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 –Why would people use drugs problematically, including alcohol?

14:30 – Addiction and Dependence – What’s in a word

15:00 – Comfort Break

15:15 –Treatment Modalities and local support services

16:00 – Evaluation and Close


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