Developing Reflective Practice & Resilience for Foster Carers

Course Overview

Reflective practice skills enable foster carers to learn from their experiences with children and young people placed with them by using a model of reflection and then transfer learning into actions for the future.  The course also enables participants to explore what is meant by the term ‘resilience’ and how to ensure that a foster carer’s self-care is prioritised during stressful periods and throughout a child or young person’s placement.

Target Audience

Foster Carers

How long is the Course?

9 – 2

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will have:

  • an understanding of reflective practice in relation to their role in placements with children and young people
  • explored models and ways of reflecting on experiences
  • consideered how to reflect and how to develop an action plan from their reflections
  • developed an understanding of the importance of self-care when supporting children and young people with complex needs
  • considered themselves in relation to areas of self-care e.g. physiscal, psychological, spiritual, emotional and workplace self-care issues
  • created an action plan to meet their self-care needs to reflect on with their fostering supervisor

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