Child Protection Training for Youth Offending Services


To ensure that staff are equipped with the knowledge & skills to perform their role effectively in relation to safeguarding children especially those children who have become young offenders

How Long is the Course?

1 day

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Youth Offending teams

Learning Outcomes
  • Developed an advanced understanding of Child Protection issues including child sexual exploitation, child criminal exploitation and gangs
  • Explored attitudes and values including race and diversity, within safeguarding children.
  • Have enhanced their knowledge of signs and symptoms of abuse, and understand that although children can offend, and this may be due to abuse in their childhood
  • Understand child criminality and the connection to historical abuse, also how offenders use this to engage children in criminality
  • Know about Child Protection processes and how to know how to speak to children to obtain the best possible information

Hello! We are able to offer the vast majority of our courses online in a virtual classroom via your preferred video conferencing platform. All of our course contents have been updated to reflect the current COVID-19 situation. To enquire about any of our courses to be delivered online please go to our ‘Contact Us’ page.